Ready For the World Wide

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Donna Colton
Donna Colton and Sam Patterelli


We got a note from Mark Bialczak, Music Writer for the Syracuse Post Standard asking if we had an original song that could be used to express Best Wishes to the 2012 Graduates.  Or, perhaps we might consider writing something for the occasion...

After some thinking and finding out the time frame it needed to be done in we decided to try to write something.  We're not used to working on a deadline (like Mark does every day) but it pushed us to get it done or get caught with our pants down.  We tried to think of songs that we knew that were written with school in mind. 

School's Out For Summer, Alice Kooper; Graduation Day, Beach Boys;  No Such Thing as the Real World, John Mayer; What a Wonderful World This Would Be, James Taylor and JD Souther; Kodachrome, Paul Simon.  Not all positive sentiments, to be sure, but those were our references and you always try to steal from the best.  

It's always so much easier to write a heartbreak song, but we focused and mused and came up with a chorus.  Wrote the story around that and voila!  Sounds easy when you try to explain it like this.  It doesn't show all of the sweat and practice, listening, writing and re-writing that goes in to this whole process. Kind of like going through twelve years of school, huh? 


Ready for the World Wide

You’ve got a lot to learn is what you said to me
So, let’s get started; make some history
Pages turning, young and churning curiosity
Sparking all the life you saw in me


When it comes down to it,  I’m gonna miss you
When it comes down to it,  I won’t forget you
We’ve been through it came out on the other side
Wide-eyed,   Sanctified
Ready for the world wide

So many years I sat cross legged at your feet
Practiced everything you had to preach
Lessons learning, bridges burning
Singing all the rhymes
Now my confirmation is complete

    The best ones show you where to look
    And never tell you what to see