Close Encounter with Larry Gatlin

Yep. It was that guy. Larry Gatlin and the Gatlin Brothers fame. All The Gold In California. Grammy winner, great voice and really nice guy. Andy Cooney, another great singer, is recording an album with different artists and in different countries. When he gets done the Irish Symphony Orchestra will be on it and Ronan Tynan of the Irish Tenors, too. But I digress. Larry Gatlin is singing on Andy Cooney's record, a song that he wrote as well as some other familiar tunes. He was in town and Subcat Studio's got to watch him work. He whirled in wearing a Southwestern style long overcoat, black and red with zig-zag design, bright red cowboy boots and dressed in jeans, shirt and a jean jacket with a bluetooth earpiece blinking in his ear. He announced that he'd done a dumb thing and locked the door of the place he was staying at and unintentionally locked out his wife with their 2 year old grandchild who had to poop and he was in a world of doo-doo for that. Well, if that doesn't sound like something that a down home regular guy would do, I don't know what does. After he got the situation straightened out, he was right to work. "Let's get going because I've got some football to watch". He recorded his parts and harmony parts, most things in one or two takes. With the Irish Symphony playing the track that he sang to he did a free form version of "Beautiful Dreamer" in one take that was exquisite. With a quick run through from Andy Cooney of one of the songs and making notes about how the melody went, he recorded the part perfectly only having heard it once. We ( Sam and I ) were there because Sam has this great vocal mic that people usually like to record with, so we brought that to the studio and hung around to help and visit with the people that were there with Larry and Andy and of course to try and get to meet them. When Larry saw Sam's mic among the ones they had set up to give them a choice of which one to use he said "I've sung in front of plenty of those in my time. That'll do just fine." And it did. Andy Cooney will be doing a concert in Auburn on March 3, 2008 to raise money for one of the schools there. He performed there with his band last June to a sell out crowd of 1200 and hopes to do the same thing in March. I've only heard of Andy, but got to hear his voice singing with Larry during the recording and he's smooth. A very silky tenor voice that I really liked listening to. Crystal Gayle will also be singing on this record. Not sure how that's happening, but I guess they'll go wherever and whenever she has time in her schedule to record. So, when they were done, Larry blew out of there as quickly as he blew in, but not without graciously saying goodbye to everyone, shaking hands and noting that he'd had a great experience at the studio. Then he was off to watch the Giants play whoever they were playing that day. What a cool business this is, huh?