Komen Race

We had a great time at the race. I can't tell you ow moving it was when they called all of the Survivors on stage and there was a sea of pink shirts. They all sang and swayed and were glad to be alive. We were trying hard not to cry. I was wiping my eyes. The man standing next to me leaned over and said," We went to the National Event in Washington, DC last year. I don't know if you've ever seen the mall"? I nodded that I had. He said, "There were pink shirts of Survivors lined up five deep on either side of the water. It was something." Well that didn't help the lump in my throat. My friends Jane and Diane were tough to keep up with during the walk, but I made it. We ran into quite a few friends along the way. This is a truly great event that left us with a feel good vibe and we think we'll be doing this every year. Thanks to all of the people who gave in support of our walking. We love you. Donna