Pink Packages Event!!

Next year, we'll get more of you to come out to this event! This was hosted by Jennifer Tom of Positively Pink Packages and abreast cancer survivor herself! She and partner Heather work year round to put packages of things that people gettting treatment will need. They give these bags of goodies to Dr's offices to hand out to patients and the stuff in them includes things like books on what treament entails, pillows for putting under your seatbelt for comfort, head scarves etc. This was such an elegant event! All of the desserts were fab, champagne tickled your nose. And they had 4 tables of great silent auction items!!! Furniture, a Stickley clock, wine tours, sports memorabilia, jewlery, vacations to the caribbean, and even a bid to own part of a race horse!! Next year, you guys have to come!!