Singing For Sponge Bob Square Pants

So we had that lunchtime gig at Empire Brewing in Armory Square just before Christmas. We were playing our tunes and some Christmas tunes and, you know, it was Sam and I doing our stuff. At some point and I'm not exactly sure when, but I noticed that this guy was sitting in front of us with two little girls ordering food and talking to them, keeping them entertained. He looks like Tom Kenny (Spongebob) but it's been a long time since I've seen him. But the more I look the more I think, yeah, that's him. It's him, right? Yeah, it's him. Well just be normal and don't get all spongebob ga ga on me, okay. this is the dialogue that's going on in my head. You don't want to disturb famous people when they might be trying to just have a quiet lunch with their kids. Then his wife joins them and then I notice that they're singing along when we sing something that they know. Mockingbird, Run, Rudolph, Run... I did read that he was going to be in town and playing a gig at Shifty's with his home town band. Yeah, it was him, I think? After they finished lunch and they were paying the bill and putting on coats, they had to walk in front of us to get out of the place. Tom Kenny is singing Iko, Iko along with us as he's walking out with family in tow. It had to be him, right?