1. Evil and Mean

From the recording Evil and Mean


You wouldn’t piss on me if I was on fire You’d roast a wiener as you watch me expire ‘Cause you’re mean and evil Evil and meanYou know my sanity just hangs by a threadYou stomp my fingers as I cling to the ledge'Cause you’re mean and evilEvil and meanYou tear my heart outYou’re just evil and meanI could be lying bloody crying for help You’d salt the wound and say’ “Now there, does that help?”‘Cause you’re mean and evil  Evil and meanYou’ve got the scent and now you’re going for bloodYou say you act like this ‘cause you were unlovedBut you’re just mean and evil,  Evil and meanIt is no secret you’re just evil and mean You’ve got no conscienceYou’ve got no heartI pour my heart out and you rip it apart You fan the fireYou stoke the blaze You poke the blisters because you are depraved You suck the drama out of every last boneThen run your tongue across a sharpening stone Because you’re mean and evil Evil and meanGot all the answers think that you can be saved Your soul is rotting in a too shallow graveBecause you’re mean and evil Evil and mean You tear my heart outYou’re just evil and mean You are pure evil It is no secretYou're just evil and mean