Live version of Time For A Change.
Donna Colton and the Troublemakers played on the Subcat Stage at the 2007 Taste of Syracuse Festival.


Time For A Change
by Sam Patterelli and Donna Colton

How much more of this do they think we can take
How many more rules are they gonna break
How much compassion do they think they can fake
Ain’t it time for a change

So many people being left out in the rain
Too many people don’t give a damn about their pain
Looks like history is happening again
Ain’t it time for a change

Ain’t it high time we all began to care
About peace and love and hope for all to share
In this day and age you may think it kind of strange
Ain’t it time for a change

People getting rich as they rape the sky and soil
Farmers underpaid for all their trouble and their toil
Me, I’m getting sick of living by the price of oil
Ain’t it time for a change

They’ll try to hold you down if you’re ethnic or you’re queer
‘Cause terrorists and liberals are the sum of all their fears
Prejudice and hatred are still ringing in our ears
Ain’t it time for a change

Shots ringing out everywhere around the world
Boxes coming home with stars and stripes unfurled
Maybe I’m still just a hard headed girl but,
Ain’t it time for a change